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By Jessica Slippen

Remote work is not going away anytime soon if ever. Employers need to think through issues that get complicated in this environment. Make sure your employees have to get through some protections to access confidential company data from home, (the beach, the coffee shop, the elementary school pick up line,. . . ). Require encryption and double password protection. Make sure employees know your policies apply just as much in the remote setting as they do on-site. If you have non-exempt employees working remotely, be diligent about tracking and paying for all time worked. For all employees, be mindful of the recruitment and retention issues of converting “working from home” to “living at work.” 24/7 attention to work communication is seldom realistic and never attractive.

About the Author
Jessica Slippen is a seasoned attorney who specializes in employment litigation before state and federal courts and administrative agencies. Her expertise covers a wide range of employment issues, including wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation. Beyond litigation, she provides strategic counsel on workplace compliance, personnel policies, and executive compensation, serving both employees and employers.