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Compensation After Being Wrongfully Discharged From Work

If you recently lost your job for unfair reasons, you could be wondering if you have any legal options. At Mitchell & Sheahan, P.C., we represent workers fighting back against wrongful discharge. Our attorneys are highly experienced in Connecticut employment law. We provide aggressive, honest representation and seek the maximum compensation available for wronged workers.

Can I Lose My Job For Any Reason?

Like most states, Connecticut is an at-will employment state. Employers in Stratford have broad powers to terminate employment for almost any reason they want. But there are important exceptions. It is illegal to fire you for any of these reasons:

  • Discrimination based on Age, ancestry, color, learning disability, marital status, intellectual disability, national origin, physical disability, mental disability, race, religious creed, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, and status as a veteran
  • Retaliation for taking leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Retaliation for reporting misconduct, such as sexual harassment, to a superior
  • Retaliation for reporting fraud, tax evasion or other criminal activity to a government agency, i.e., being a whistleblower

Contact us if you believe you were fired for one of these reasons or something similar. You could have a claim for wrongful discharge, also known as wrongful termination. You might be eligible for compensation due to the damage to your career and your reputation, as well as your emotional pain and suffering.

Never Intimidated By Large Employers

Business owners and their legal counsel work hard to avoid liability in wrongful discharge cases. But so do we. Because our firm also represents employers, we know employment law from both sides. We prepare thoroughly to counter any potential defense strategies, and we are always ready to take your case to court if a reasonable settlement is not possible. Our team will work tenaciously until your case is resolved.

Find out if you have a viable claim for wrongful termination. Call 203-527-0190 to reach Mitchell & Sheahan, P.C. at our Stratford office and schedule a confidential legal consultation.