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An employee handbook is a document that lays out an employer’s expectations of their employees as well as what the employer will provide the employee. This handbook is a necessary thing to have in order to help avoid disputes between employers and those who work for them.

What should you include in your employee handbook as an employer in Connecticut?

Workplace Policies And Procedures

All workplaces have different policies and procedures, so even an employee with a lot of previous work experience will appreciate having these spelled out when they join a new company. Workplace policies and procedures include everything from the company dress code to how the company handles disciplinary matters, and many topics in between.

What The Employee Can Expect In Compensation

Compensation is one of the main reasons that an employee chooses to work for one company over another. This is why it is important that the employee handbook addresses matters of compensation. For instance, the handbook might go over whether or not an employee can receive overtime pay or if they can expect a yearly raise. Employee benefits are another topic that the document should address.

Federal And State Regulations

Each state in the United States has different regulations regarding things like at-will employment and minimum wage. Since employees may be unfamiliar with these rules or new to the state, it is a good idea to include them in the handbook.

By being aware of the items that an employee handbook should include, hiring managers can make the onboarding and employment process go more smoothly.