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When you lose your job, you lose more than just a regular income. It can create confusion and frustration, especially if you feel that your employer used wrongful termination.

According to Connecticut law, an employer can terminate an employee at will, unless the employee can prove that his or her firing is “in violation of an important public policy.” If you feel that you were wrongfully let go from your job, the burden of proof is on you to show the courts that your employer violated a public policy.

Gather Documentation

Your first step in proving wrongful termination is to gather as much documentation as possible. You should collect your personnel file, if possible, as well as pay stubs, past evaluations, workplace policies, any signed contracts and your termination notice. With this information, you may be able to build a case against your employer.

Determine If Your Employer Broke Any Laws

There are laws in place designed to protect people from adverse employer action, including age discrimination, breach of contract, gender discrimination, retaliation, whistleblowing and more. As an at-will employee, figuring out if your employer broke any current laws can help you win a case against them, since it can be hard to prove otherwise.

Write Down Your Experience

Over time, memories fade. Because it may take time to move your case forward, it is important to write down even the most minute details of your termination. You never know what facts could end up as evidence on your behalf.

Wrongful termination can be frustrating, but if you can prove that your employer let you go in violation of state laws or public policy, you may be able to get justice.